Business growth and development
through networking

Building Stronger Relationships through Networking

About Ennis Business Network

We are a business networking group consisting of business people from the Clare, Galway and Limerick areas whose sole purpose is to grow, not only their business but that of the other members of the group. The group was founded on the principal that successful business owners can and should help support similar businesses, having the same customer-focused ideal.


There are many benefits to being part of a network group, not least the potential for huge growth in your business through the connections gained from other members but also the shared knowledge and promotion of your business by the rest of the group. This encourages formation of bonds and relationships that may last a lifetime. Business partners may also turn out to be the best of friends as they help each other’s businesses improve.

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If you would like to find out more information about the Ennis Business Network and how it can help your business, just send us an email and we will contact you.

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Mark Harris

Photo of Chairperson

Mark Harris of The Wine Buff
is the Ennis Business Network Chairperson.
Tel: 086 793 0554

Training Officer
Ana Marques

Photo of Training Officer

Ana Marques of Lion-Oak Services Ltd.
is the Ennis Business Network Training Officer.
Tel: 086 822 8447

Membership Officer
Joe Forde

Photo of Membership Officer

Joe Forde of Orchard Wellness Center
is the group’s Membership Officer.
Tel: 087 945 4546